Armenian Ambassador hands over credentials to Israel’s President

Armenia’s Ambassador Arman Hakobyan presented his credentials to the President of the State of Israel Yitzhak Herzog today.

During the conversation that followed the ceremony the interlocutors referred to bilateral issues, the centuries-old ties and commonalities of the Armenian and Jewish peoples, and other issues related to the Armenian community living in Israel.

At the end of the meeting, President Herzog presented to Ambassador Hakobyan the illustrated ceramic tiles authored by Jerusalem-based Balyan family, located in the park of his residence and accompanied by a signboard with the inscription “Armenian ceramics.”

Former Ambassador Armen Smbatian was recalled by the Armenian government in 2020 in protest against continuing Israeli arms supplies to Azerbaijan.

Smbatian was recalled to Yerevan in October 1, 2020 just two weeks after inaugurating the Armenian Embassy in Tel Aviv. The envoy was subsequently sacked after being indicted in a corruption investigation.

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