With attention focused on Ukraine, important to promote de-escalation in all conflict zones in OSCE region – Margareta Cederfelt

With much of the international community’s attention focused on the war in Ukraine, it is important that we continue to promote de-escalation in all conflict zones of the OSCE region to ensure that our citizens can live in peace and dignity, Margareta Cederfelt, the President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, said in a letter to Taguhi Tovmasyan, Chair of the Armenian National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Human Rights.

“The President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly expects the upcoming meetings of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly to continue to address the situation in the South Caucasus and looks forward to the continued engagement of the Delegation of Armenia in their debates,” she said.

Taguhi Tovmasyan had earlier briefed Margareta Cederfelt on the criminal actions by Azerbaijan, the ensuing humanitarian crisis and the blatant violations of the fundamental rights and freedoms of the civilians of Artsakh.

The President of the OSCE PA was informed about the intensive firing from the Azerbijani side, the use of grenade launchers against the civilians and civilian infrastructures of Artsakh, targeting of a farmer doing agricultural work in his own orchard, shooting at agricultural machinery.

Mrs. Tovmasyan noted that “such behavior is coordinated by the Azerbaijani authorities with the aim of depriving the civilians of Artsakh of the right to live a peaceful and secure life in their homeland.”

She requested Margareta Cederfelt to urgently condemn the criminal behavior by Azerbaijan and urged to undertake all the necessary steps to protect the fundamental human rights of the civilians of Artsakh.

“The criminal acts by Azerbaijan will be continuous until relevant accountability mechanisms are ensured,” the MP said.

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