Armenian PM congratulates Assyrian community on Kha b-Nisan, the New Year

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan sent a congratulatory message to the representatives of the Assyrian community of Armenia on the occasion of the Assyrian New Year, Kha b-Nisan.

The message reads as follows, “I warmly congratulate the Assyrians of Armenia on the occasion of the New Year, Kha b-Nisan.

New hopes and dreams, new plans and ideas are associated with the New Year. May the coming year be a year of success and new achievements for the Assyrians of Armenia, and may the heirs of the ancient Assyrian culture in Armenia not only preserve, but also develop and enrich their native language and culture.

May this beautiful spring holiday of love and fertility accompany you throughout the coming year, and may all the ordeals remain away.

I wish the Assyrian community of Armenia happiness, prosperity, success and new development programs.”

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