Armenian Ambassador briefs Lord Alton of Liverpool on ongoing Azerbaijani aggression

Armenia’s Ambassador to UK Varuzhan Nersesyan met with Lord Alton of Liverpool on Tuesday.

The interlocutors touched upon the Armenian-British bilateral relations, as well as the opportunities for expanding inter-parliamentary ties.

Ambassador Nersesyan presented the agenda of Armenia-UK cooperation and the prospects for its development.

The Ambassador also presented the recent developments around Armenia and Artsakh and the ongoing aggressive policy of Azerbaijan, one of the latest examples of which is the obstruction of the Artsakh gas pipeline, as a result of which the gas supply to Artsakh is disrupted, which led to a humanitarian crisis in Artsakh.

Varuzhan Nersesyan thanked Lord Alton for his pro-Armenian activities and for constantly raising issues of key importance for Armenia and Artsakh.

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