Azerbaijan’s behavior is humanitarian terrorism – Artsakh MFA on disruption of gas supply

In the evening of March 21, the Azerbaijani authorities again disrupted the gas supply to Artsakh, depriving its population of an important heating resource in extremely cold weather conditions.

“Azerbaijan’s behavior is humanitarian terrorism. It grossly violates the human rights, the norms and principles of international humanitarian law and does not fit into the norms of morality in any way.  This heinous act is another demonstration of hatred and nationalism,” Artsakh’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Artsakh strongly condemns the policy of Azerbaijan and appeals to the international community with an urgent request to give an adequate assessment of the situation.

“Azerbaijan’s misanthropic steps cannot affect the will and determination of the people of Artsakh. We will continue to live and create in our historical homeland, develop and strengthen our independent statehood,” the Ministry said.

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