Azerbaijan aims at evicting Armenians from Artsakh: gas supply not resumed, while temperatures go below 0

Azerbaijan aims at evicting Armenians from Artsakh, State Minister Artakh Beglaryan says.

The comments come as 100, 000 residents of Artsakh are left without gas after the pipeline through which gas is supplied from Armenia has been damaged. With temperatures going down below 0, people are now deprives of heating and hot water.

“And the reason for these deprivations is the unbridled behavior of the Azerbaijani side, which does not allow Russian peacekeepers and our specialists, to approach the only pipeline supplying gas from Armenia to repair it. The pipeline exploded under the territory under Azerbaijani control,” Beglaryan said in a statement.

At the same time, large and small-caliber gunfire continues in civilian areas, obstructing agricultural work.

“Azerbaijan wants to continue its crime against humanity, to evict Armenians from Artsakh, but we stand firm in our ancient homeland, no deprivation will shake our will,” the State Minister said.

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