Artsakh President chairs meeting of the Security Council

President of Artsakh Arayik Harutyunyan convened an enlarged meeting of Security Council.

The security and humanitarian issues facing the Republic were discussed. The President stressed that the damaged part of the gas pipeline is close to the Azerbaijani military post, and the repair works have been obstructed for three days without any justification.

“There is no doubt that both the damage to the gas pipeline and the delays in the repair works, as well as the aggressive behavior shown towards the peaceful population of Artsakh in recent days, have a geopolitical context,” President Harutyunyan said.

In particular, he added, “Azerbaijan is trying to take advantage of the situation around Ukraine and the involvement of international actors.”

“Official Baku is resorting to obvious provocations with the aim of psychologically terrorizing the peaceful population of Artsakh and thus evicting Armenians from Artsakh,” the President stressed.

He assured that the Artsakh authorities are working at all levels to prevent security and humanitarian problems and to resolve the situation.

“Therefore, I urge everyone to remain calm, to refrain from excessive tension and irresponsible actions,” said President Harutyunyan and instructed the executive branch to take appropriate measures for the security and normal life of the population.

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