Dreams as High as Mt. Hatis

On March 7th, 2022, EasyPay, along with Teach For Armenia Educational Foundation, visited Hatis village to meet students at Hatis Secondary School named after Vardan Vardanyan.

Hatis village, which lies at the foot of Mt. Hatis at 2,526 meters tall, is home to 450 people. This small village faces many development challenges but also has tremendous potential. The dreams of 47 bright students that study at the local school are higher than Mt. Hatis itself. 

At the beginning of 2022, EasyPay joined Teach For Armenia’s Nation-Builders school sponsorship program to ensure that Hatis Secondary School is supported by Teach For Armenia Teacher-Leader, Marine Manjikyan, who is an Elementary school teacher. As a Nation-Builder, EasyPay takes on a two-year financial commitment to provide the school with a  Teach For Armenia Teacher-Leader, technology for blended learning, and a microgrant for a Student-Led Innovation Project. 

“We want to create a bridge between public education and the private sector. After all, today’s students are tomorrow’s doctors, builders, and business people. Investing in education has a boomerang effect. As old Armenian wisdom says: you reap what you sow,” said Vardan Ghaplanyan, Head of Public Partnerships at Teach For Armenia. 

“It was a strong and memorable trip; we returned to Yerevan more excited. The cooperation is continuous, and we are sure that it will have an impact on the formation of the present and future society. We loved Hatis village and the school very much. We can’t wait to come back again,” said Tigran Parseghyan, Head of Marketing at EasyPay. “We strongly hope that private companies, regardless of sector, will become Teach For Armenia Nation-Builders. Educational equity in Armenia and Artsakh affects all of us; schools need all of our attention. This is the kind of corporate responsibility that we need to see among all our partners.”

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