Armenia to participate in Sharjah Heritage Days as a guest of honor

Armenia will participate in the Sharjah Heritage Days as a guest of honor, the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports informs.

The 12 halls will display various manifestations of the Armenian cultural heritage, from the history of Armenian culture to the living heritage of the modern period: handicrafts and miniatures, music and folk crafts (carpet weaving, embroidery, lace weaving, woodwork, art of khachkars, puppetry and national costumes).

Folk craft master classes will be held regularly, Armenian intangible cultural heritage registered in UNESCO will be continuously presented through video films:duduk, khachkar, David of Sassoun epic poem, lavash, the dance of kochari kochar and the pilgrimage to the monastery of Apostle Thaddeus.

Armenian song and dance ensembles will perform traditional Armenian melodies, present Armenian dances and songs.Armenia’s cultural tourism and natural heritage, as well as innovative technologies will be presented on separate platforms.

The implementation of the event will contribute to the international popularization of the Armenian intangible cultural heritage, the achievement and strengthening of intercultural dialogue.

This international event is hosted every year in the city’s heritage area along the Sharjah corniche. The Sharjah Department of Culture and Institute of Heritage organises this event, which includes UNESCO World Heritage Day on April 18. Several countries take part, with a guest country of honor each year.

In tribute to the rich history of the UAE, Sharjah Heritage Days features cultural activities, talks and performances that shed light on the traditions of UAE culture. Storytelling events, in particular, delve into the lives and practices of the nation’s forefathers and ancestors. The main venue is in the Heart of Sharjah, one of the most popular Sharjah tourist places, where there are celebrations of UAE history, Arabic food and the evolution of Emirati clothing.

Locals, residents and expatriates flock to these events to experience the inspiring sights, melodic sounds and aromatic smells that represent Arab culture, as well as the delectable taste of Emirati cuisine. The events are especially popular among families, who want to teach their children about local traditions in the cultural capital of the Arab world. A popular follow up activity for kids is a trip to a close by Sharjah museum or the Sharjah Discovery Centre.

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