War is not a solution: MEP calls for negotiations under the auspices of Minsk Group Co-Chairs

War is not a solution, Member of the European Parliament Marina Kaljurand said, addressing the sitting of the EuroNest Parliamentary Assembly in Yerevan. She noted that the European Parliament has not recognized the results of war.

 “We have made it very clear that war is not a solution, which means that if we talk about long-standing sustainable peace, it has to be negotiated under the auspices of the OSCE Minsk Group. It was also reiterated in the resolution that we passed in the European Parliament last week, when we were discussing common security and foreign policy,” the lawmaker said.

She stressed the need for pragmatic steps, be it delimitation, de-blocking or marking of the border. “These are the exact small steps that are needed to build confidence, to build trust and to build respect that is missing today,” she said.

Marina Kaljurand called on both sides to avoid polarizing and insulting rhetoric. “It never helps,” she stressed.

“Members of the European Parliament are here to assist. We cannot solve problems, because these are your countries, these are your questions, you have to solve them yourselves,” she noted.

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