Matena school receives first major donation

International businessman-philanthropist Vazgen Gevorkyan, attaching significant importance to the role of quality professional education and preparing leaders for the development of Armenia, has made a large donation to Matena International School, thanks to which we have significantly expanded the scholarship fund for Armenian participants.

“I sincerely believe in the power and importance of education in all the processes that our country needs. I am sure that we will feel the results of your work in the near future,” says Vazgen Gevorkyan.

The school expressed gratitude to Mr. Gevorkyan and emphasized that this support is not only a massive financial contribution to the newly established school, but also a huge psychological stimulus and confidence that in this important but very difficult endeavor the team is not alone and we have the sincere support of our friends sharing the same ideology.

Matena can be supported by everyone who shares the paramount mission, who wants to contribute to the establishment of a world-class professional education center, which through a ripple effect will catalyze the gradual reforming of the entire system in Armenia.

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