Belarus Ambassador summoned to Armenian Foreign Ministry, FM Mirzoyan confirms

The Ambassador of Belarus was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday, Armenian Foreign Minister said at the Q&A session at the National Assembly.

He reiterated that the statement was meant to serve the domestic agenda and has nothing

“This is not the first time Mr. Lukashenko’s unique analysis becomes a subject of discussion among international partners, including Armenia,” the Foreign Minister said.

“The Ambassador was told that our statements about each other should be based on mutual trust and take note of each other’s interests, sovereignty, as well as the legal framework on which the cooperation between our countries is based,” he said.

The Foreign Ministry added that Armenia is still ready to continue supporting Belarus in different international platforms.

The comments comes in the wake of statements of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko on the possibility of Armenia joining the Union State of Russia and Belarus.

“Armenia has nowhere to escape. Do you need anyone needs them? They have already seen it, Nikol Vovayevich has already seen it,” Lukashenko said.

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