Musk Factor: Armenian TV series create a vision of the future security technology

The creative team of the sci-fi satirical comedy Musk Factor has created a concept of future security technology. The concept named GAIT, a security system that can reduce the number of crimes, aroused great interest in the world’s leading physical security company Scylla.

The futuristic technology concept was depicted by the Musk Factor team in its new illustration, which was included as NFT in the OpenSea system, and Scylla, in its turn, acquired it.

“It is a well-known fact that every person living on the planet has a unique gait, and each individual’s walking step distance is different. The uniqueness of the gait depends on one’s weight, spinal alignment, length of the limbs, posture, and many more peculiarities. The NFT shows how it is possible to identify criminals by studying and analyzing human gait data”,” says Rafael Tadevosyan, General Producer of Musk Factor series.

Scylla, a company that has firmly taken the path of new achievements, greatly values the pro-futuristic visions of Musk Factor team.

“The NFT of a futuristic security system for the Metaverse that was created by Musk Factor team immediately caught our attention and it may as well be realized in the future. Nowadays, facial and behavior recognition systems are widely used, but GAIT can become the next technology for ensuring security,” the founder of Scylla Albert Stepanyan says.

Scylla is a real-time physical threat detection solution. The company utilizes AI and computer vision to detect objects, actions and behavior anomalies. With its next-gen AI-powered solutions that have exceptional accuracy and performance, Scylla has an impressive customer portfolio worldwide.

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