Everyone in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik knows their Sveti Vlah was Armenian

Օn February 2-3, at the invitation of the Mayor of the City of Dubrovnik, Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia Ashot Hovakimian took part in the celebrations of the Day of Dubrovnik – the 1050th anniversary of the Festivity of Saint Blaise (Festa Svetog Vlaha), which was attended by the President of Croatia, numerous Ministers, Members of the Parliament, Mayors, political, cultural and religious elite of the country, more than dozen Ambassadors.

The Saint Blaise (Blasius, Vlasius, Vlah) was an Armenian Bishop and doctor of the beginning of 4th century in the town of Sebaste. After his martyrdom he was venerated as all-Christian Saint. The Bishop of Armenian origin after centuries became the patron saint and protector of the City of Dubrovnik.

He is portrayed on the Flag of Dubrovnik; his statues could be seen everywhere in the town. In the Church of Saint Vlah the relics of the saint, his head, a bit of bone from his throat, his hands and his leg are kept. Everyone in Dubrovnik knows, that their Sveti Vlah was an Armenian.

Ambassador participated in the Festive session of the Dubrovnik City Council, the opening ceremony, Celebratory Holy Mass and procession, and at the reception given by the Mayor of Dubrovnik. During the reception and other events Ambassador had short on-spot meetings with the President of the Republic of Croatia Zoran Milanović, some Ministers, Mayors and artists.

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