Baseball analyst Tim Kurkjian named to Baseball Hall of Fame

Longtime baseball writer and ESPN’s TV analyst Tim Kurkjian said his first thoughts were of his father when he learned in December that he was headed to Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame as this year’s winner of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America’s Career Excellence Award, the Armenian Mirror-Spectator informs.

“Baseball was the only language we spoke in the house, and it was because of our Dad [Badrig “Jeff” Kurkjian],” Tim said in a telephone interview. “He was a terrific player at Watertown High School, and he passed on his love of the game to me and my two brothers, Andy and Matt.”

While chosen by a different system than the one that decided this week that David Ortiz and other players in the past are elected to the Hall of Fame, Tim’s ascension to baseball’s highest honor makes him the first Armenian to gain the recognition.

Although he says he regrets he doesn’t know more about his heritage, he said he delights in bringing special pride to Armenians as he so often is approached by total strangers while he is our covering baseball and told that they too are Armenian.

“I am proud I am Armenian, proud of how loyal and sturdy we are as a people,” Tim said. “Wherever I go, someone will come up to me and say, hello, I am Armenian like you.”

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