No decision on candidate: PM Pashinyan on President Armen Sarkissian’s resignation

The decision on resignation has been made by the President, and I learnt about it hours before it was published, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at an online press conference today.

“The President called me and we talked about it about 3.5 hours before the decision was made public. I asked whether he was discussing the issue or informing me of the decision,” the Prime Minister said.

“The President’s stance on the Constitution is well known. During the last press conference I said my stance was slightly different from that of the President,” PM Pashinyan noted.

He stressed, however, that no changes have been made after his elections as Prime Minister, at least when it comes to the President’s powers.

As for the reasons of the resignation, the Prime Minister said “I don’t think it’s expedient for me to evaluate the decision.”

Hetq.am reported earlier today that Armen Sarkissian was not a citizen of Armenia or Great Britain (as it was reported) at the time he was elected President of the Republic of Armenia. The website claimed the President was a citizen of Saint Kits and Nevis, noting that Armen Sarkissian will hardly return to the country.

“I have no comments. I think it’s hardly possible that Armen Sarkissain was not a citizen of the Republic of Armenia at the time of his appointment,” the Prime Minister said.

Asked whether the ruling force has a favorite for the candidate of President, PM Pashinyan noted: “We have not held any discussion on the issue, but it’s clear the issue should be seriously discussed, and we must be guided by the experience of the past four years. It is the Civil Contract party that will elect the President, the election is impossible without the parliamentary majority.”

“Now as we are facing most serious challenges, we should have a situation, where the President, the National Assembly, the President will be tied by common responsibility. This is the course of our thoughts, but we don’t have the decision now. If we are facing such situation,,” PM Pashinyan said, attaching importance to ensuring “political harmony.” it’s important solve the issue of political harmony.

“I don’t think we should make experiments. We must solve the issue of political harmony for the sake of the Republic of Armenia. We saw what challenges we can face because of the lack of that harmony,” Pashinyan stated.

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