Negotiations the best way to finding solutions: Armenian President talks to Sky News Arabia

There is no better way of finding solutions in a conflict situation rather than talking, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian said in an interview with Sky News Arabia.

“But unfortunately in real life, when Armenia and Azerbaijan had a talking platform and opportunity – the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairmanship – we didn’t succeed and ended up with a war, the worst case scenario,” the President said.

He noted that thousands of young lives were lost, while talking, diplomacy, negotiations could have solved the issue without these young people losing their lives.

The President hopes the ongoing negotiations will lead to sustainable, pragmatic peace, but adds that “it’s difficult.”

As for Armenia’s relations with Turkey, President Sarkissian reiterated there is no way other than talking. He adds, however, that signing any agreement with Turkey is difficult without the support of the Diaspora, which was mostly created as a result of the Armenian Genocide.

“Armenia is a small state, but a much bigger nation. There are as many Armenians living in the US and Russia as in Armenia,” the President said.

“I hope that one day Armenia and Turkey will succeed, but in order to succeed, we cannot ignore the historic facts. To succeed we need to be pragmatic to achieve sustainable relations,” President Sarkissian noted.

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