Fresh provocation a manifestation of Azerbaijan’s continuous encroachments on Armenia’s territorial integrity – MFA

The Armenian Foreign Ministry strongly condemns the gross violation of the ceasefire by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces in the direction of the eastern frontier of the Republic of Armenia, using artillery and unmanned aerial vehicles, as a result of which Armenian servicemen Arthur Mkhitaryan and Rudik Gharibyan were killed.

“The provocation of the units of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces is another manifestation of the continuous encroachments of Azerbaijan on the territorial integrity of Armenia, which began ion May 12, 2021 with the intrusion into the sovereign territory and continued with regular armed attacks,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“The Republic of Armenia draws the attention of the international community to the fact that official Baku, continuing its encroachments on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia, violates the basic principles of international law, including the UN Charter, and undermines regional security,” the Ministry emphasized.

It reminded that “the Armenian side has repeatedly stated that one of the ways to avoid further aggravation of the situation may be the withdrawal of troops and the launch of an international monitoring mechanism along the border.”

The Foreign Ministry calls on the Azerbaijani authorities to refrain from provocative actions, to fulfill their commitment to establish stability in the region assumed after the meetings in Sochi and Brussels.

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