Kazakh authorities say “situation stabilized” in all regions

The situation in all regions of Kazakhstan, where the riots took place, has stabilized. acting Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic Yerlan Turgumbayev said in a statement today.

“At present, the counter-terrorist operation continues to restore law and order in the country. Today, the situation has been stabilized in all regions of the country. Law enforcement forces have liberated all previously seized buildings of Akimats [local administrations]. The work of utilities and life support systems is being restored,” he said.

According to him, the situation was particularly difficult in Almaty, where on January 5, an organized crowd of about 20 thousand people attempted to seize the building of the local administration. Due to significant advantage, they managed to break through several lines of defense and penetrate the building.

“At the same time, protesters everywhere demonstrated professional skills. There is discipline and orderliness are in their actions. In places of residence and before the attack, video surveillance cameras were disabled, roadways were barricaded, observers were stationed around the perimeter. To coordinate their actions, they used radio stations,” the Interior Minister said.

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