Brussels Airlines flight to Yerevan hit by lightning strike

On 28 December, Brussels Airlines flight SN2899 to Yerevan, Armenia, returned to Brussels Airport due to a lightning strike on the aircraft (Airbus A320 registered OO-SNN in Eurowings livery), reports.

The fully-booked flight (180 passengers) took off from Brussels Airport at 13:55, three-quarters of an hour late.

It had reached an altitude of 22,500 feet above the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg when the event occurred. The pilots immediately decided to return to Brussels Airport for a safe landing at 13:40 attended by the fire brigade.

Due to crew duty limitations, the flight was postponed by 24 hours and the passengers were accommodated in nearby hotels.

The flight will now operate as follows with the same aircraft (A320 OO-SNN).

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