NFT of Armenian TV series Musk Factor sells for AMD 3.8 million

A non-fungible token (NFT) of the Armenian series Musk Factor has been sold on the prestigious OpenSea platform for AMD 3.8 million (over $7,700).

“It is no secret that NFTs or non-fungible tokens have become the trend of 2021. NFTs are especially interesting for artists and illustrators, because they get the opportunity to digitize and sell their work. Simply put, NFT is a unique intellectual, digital asset whose copyrights can be sold. NFT can be a work of art, music, video, or even a Twitter post. It is wonderful that our society is beginning to enter the world of NFTs. We are extremely happy that the NFTs we created have aroused great interest among the international community,” said Rafael Tadevosyan, general producer of Musk Factor.

Musk Factor’s NFTs present the world of the future as the film’s creative team sees it. Thirty-three NFTs will be released during each season of the film.

“If the film presents cryptocurrency and NFTs as the inevitable future of mankind, why not start engaging in it today without waiting for the future?” says the producer.

“And if the NFTs we sell provide us with an opportunity to engage another world-famous actor, why not use the chance?” he adds.

Virtual reality and artificial intelligence technologies play an important role in the world during the period presented in the 10-part Armenian film Musk Factor.

The events are unfolding in 2032: spreading across the globe is the religion that proves that God is a programmer, the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto is becoming the second savior, and Einstein’s theory of relativity is completely rejected, which allows the growth of new technologies.

Elon Musk has already colonized Mars. An Armenian engineer leaves for Mars, leaving his family to contribute to the project and help humanity move to Mars. His son, Adam creates a digital clone of his father, so that he can somehow make up for his father’s lack.

Later, Adam and his friends develop the idea by creating a social network that uses the technology of creating human clones. But in order to grow a company, friends must face challenges such as raising funds, building team spirit and discovering talent, as well as overcoming many obstacles.

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