No Armenian-Turkish agenda yet, Security Council Secretary says

There is no Armenian-Turkish agenda for now, Secretary of Armenia’s Security Council said in an interview with Public TV on Wednesday.

“The main agenda is to sit down to understand each other’s positions, to understand how the Armenian-Turkish relations can be normalized,” he said.

The Secretary noted the Armenia is ready for that normalization. “We see there are such opportunities in the region in the wider sense.”

For instance, he said, the reopening of the Kars-Gyumri railway would open up big opportunities for Armenia and Turkey. “This would make the countries economically inter-dependnat, which is an important factor for security and stability,” Grigoryan said.

He attached importance to sitting down and talking to discuss all issues.

“Both parties are making statements, but we never sit down to understand what Armenia means and what Turkey means. We are trying to analyze all that in our security structures, but there is an easier way – to sit down at the table, listen to each other and understand each other’s agenda to see where we can cooperate,” Armen Grigoryan said.

The Secretary said there is no clarity on when and where the special representatives o the two countries could meet. “We’ll inform the public, when there is clarity,” he said.

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