My Step faction nominates Hrachya Sargsyan for Mayor of Yerevan

My Step faction of the Yerevan Council has initiated a no-confidence motion against Mayor Hayk Marutyan and will nominate incumbent Deputy Mayor Hrachya Sargsyan for the post, the Civil Contact Party informs.

In a statement released today the faction reminded that the My Step bloc formed municipal government as a result of elections held in September 2018. They note that Hayk Marutyan participated in the elections as member of the Civil Contract Party and as No.1 on My Step bloc’s list.

“In December 2020, according to his application, he left the Civil Contract party and the My Step bloc, and during the subsequent political events decisive for Armenia’s democracy, he reaffirmed his decision not to share any political responsibility with the party and the bloc,” the statement reads.

The faction notes that Hayk Marutyan has not been effective enough in fulfilling the commitments assumed by the My Step bloc before the Yerevan residents, which are enshrined the bloc’s pre-election program.

The faction says it cannot fulfill its obligations and mandate in a situation, where the Mayor has severed ties with the political majority of the City Council.

My Step faction has expressed gratitude to Mayor Hayk Marutyuan and wished him success “in a new political haven.”

According to the Law on Local Self-Government in the City of Yerevan, the no confidence motion passes if the nominated candidate receives the majority of votes of the City Council.

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