Armenia to raise basic pensions, allowances from January 2022

From January 1, 2022, Armenia will raise raise the minimum pensions and a number of benefits for vulnerable groups. A relevant decision was adopted at the Government sitting today.

The basic pension will thus raise from 26,500 to 28,600 AMD (about $58).

The amount of the military pension for the disability of a serviceman of the compulsory military service will see a 3,000 AMD raise. Those in the first, second and third disability groups will receive 43 000, 33 000 and 30 000, accordingly.

The families of killed soldiers that have lost the breadwinner will get 30 000 AMD (against the current 27 000 AMD).

The old age and disability benefits, as well as the allowances for caring for two minors and losing the breadwinner will rise to 28 600 (instead of the current 26 500), while the benefits for children with disabilities will make 37 000 (instead of the current 26 500).

The allowance for children under the age of two is also expected to rise. A parent on childcare leave will receive AMD 28,600 instead of the current AMD 26,500.

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