Forbes: Armenia, a new wine country that is actually very old

Armenia is a small wine country but definitely not a new one. Here, in the region around present-day Armenia and Georgia, wine was made for the first time around 8000 years ago, Forbes writes.

“From here, the art of making wine spread south to Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq), to Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece and the other countries around the Mediterranean and beyond,” authors Per and Britt Karlsson write.

They note that the country’s wines are being appreciated around the world, and the producers are focusing on quality wines with character.

“Armenia has four main wine-growing regions. The most famous is Vayots Dzor in the southern part of the country. This is where one of the world’s oldest wineries was discovered, 6000 years old,” the article reads.

The authors say they have tasted two red Armenian wines from Vayots Dzor, made from the local grape Areni Noir.

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