Azerbaijani authorities responsible for violating the rights of Armenian servicemen – Ombudsman

The Azerbaijani authorities are acting in violation of international law and are responsible for deliberately violating the right to life of Armenian servicemen, killing one of them, Armenian Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan said, referring to the armed attack of the Azerbaijani armed forced in the Sotk-Verin Shorzha sections of the Gegharkunik region.

At the heart of this conclusion are the following facts:

  1. Azerbaijani armed servicemen invaded, without any reason, deployed near the villages of the Republic of Armenia and on the roads between the communities.
  2. After November 9, 2020, in Gegharkunik and Syunik, they are physically present in buildings and lands (pastures, arable lands, etc.), which, according to legal documents, belong to the residents of the Republic of Armenia or are community property.
  3. They regularly fire at the villages and houses of the Republic of Armenia, create a real danger to the life and health of civilians, damage their property, animals, engage in thefts, deliberately hinder agricultural activities, etc.
  4. Pastures and hayfields are set on fire near villages in Gegharkunik, in the immediate vicinity of villages. Because of their presence on the roads between Syunik communities, people’s right to life is endangered, free movement of people is restricted, people face isolation and humanitarian problems. After the war in Artsakh, civilians were tortured and deliberately killed.
  5. After the war, the Azerbaijani authorities deepened the policy of sponsorship and propaganda of anti-Armenian hatred.
  6. No Azerbaijani armed person was punished for his crimes, these actions were only encouraged.
  7. Armenian servicemen protect the life and health of civilians, peaceful and safe life.
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