Russian peacekeepers will complete the duty of returning all Armenian POWs – Rustam Muradov

The Russian peacekeepers will complete the task of returning all Armenian prisoners of war held in Azerbaijan,Deputy Commander of the Southern Military District Rustam Muradov said in an interview with TASS.

He said all Azerbaijani servicemen captured during the war in 2020 had been returned with the assistance of the Russian peacekeepers, while the work on the return of captured Armenian soldiers continues.

“There is understanding. I believe that this issue should be completely closed. And Russian peacekeepers will bring this matter to an end,” Muradov said.

He noted that he sees the return of prisoners as a civil duty of a peacekeeper.

“As a military man, I understand who the prisoners of war are, what feelings they experience while in captivity. I remember the first flight when we flew to Baku, and upon my return I saw the faces of those servicemen when they landed at Erebuni airfield in Yerevan. There were tears, they did not believe that they had returned home,” said Rustam Muradov.

Under he trilateral statement signed by leaders of Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan, the parties undertook to exchange all prisoners of war, hostages and other detained persons, and dead bodies.

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