Armenian President offers condolences over the death of former US Senator Robert Dole

President Armen Sargkissian has offered condolences to Elizabeth Dole over the death of her husband, former US Senator and presidential candidate Robert Dole.

“I am saddened to learn of the death of your husband, the famous politician Robert Dole. America lost its worthy son and soldier, and the Armenian people lost their great and loyal friend, who was closely connected with us, Armenians, and was always by our side, especially during trials,” the President said.

“After the devastating earthquake of 1988, Robert Dole visited Armenia and played an indisputable role in the organization of US humanitarian aid to our country. His efforts to recognize the Armenian Genocide are also invaluable.,” President Sarkissian said, adding that “the memory of Mr. Dole will always be bright in our hearts.”

US statesman, former Senator, 1996 Republican presidential nominee, and a great friend of Armenia and Armenians, Bob Dole has passed away at the age of 98.

Senator Dole advocated for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide in 1980-90s, but was never able to achieve that goal because it was blocked by his Senate colleagues.

But Dole had planted a seed and finally lived to see the House of Representatives, Senate, and the Executive Branch end the longest-lasting foreign gag rule in American history and dealing a major setback to Turkey’s century-long obstruction of justice for this crime against humanity.

Senator Dole always remembered his great friend, Doctor Hampar Kelikian, who saved his life during the WWII and shared his tragic family history amid the horrors that began in 1915 when the Turkish Ottoman Empire undertook a years-long campaign of ethnic cleansing.

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