Gyumri Information Technology Center partners with IBM to launch AI education program

Gyumri Information Technology Center (GITC) partners with IBM to announce AI educational program in Armenia. Within the framework of the program, GITC and SmartClick offer an advanced course of Artificial Intelligence + admission of a program with a trial period.

The program’s partner company SmartClick, the largest artificial intelligence (AI) company in Armenia, is always looking for AI specialists. According to Rem Darbinyan, Founder and CEO of SmartClick, the demand for specialists in the company will continue to grow, and this program is a good opportunity to train new specialists and provide them with jobs.

The educational program is based on the professional needs of SmartClick and includes AI content of IBM. The graduate with the best final exam results will be given the opportunity to visit IBM’s headquarters in London.

The 6-month course will begin on January 12, 2022, and will be led by SmartClick Data Science technical lead Ardalan Hosseini. Applications must be submitted by December 7 here.

The program currently has more than 100 applicants who will take the exam to participate in the program.

“Members of the GITC Board of Trustees in the United States have been in discussions with IBM about introducing and implementing IBM’s educational programs in Armenia. As a result of the negotiations, we are now implementing the pilot phase,” noted Amalya Yeghoyan, the Director of the GITC, adding that the long-term goal of the partnership is for IBM to consider Armenia as its strategic partner.

According to Julia Game, IBM SkillsBuild Europe Project Manager, it is important for IBM that program students have the opportunity to find a job, the number of participants grows year after year, and that representatives from various vulnerable groups are involved in the future.

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