Artsakh’s MFA calls for adequate assessment of unbridled actions of Azerbaijan

On December 3, 2021, Seyran Smbat Sargsyan, born in 1956, a resident of Chartar settlement of the Martuni district of the Republic of Artsakh, was grazing his cattle when he got lost and was captured and killed by Azerbaijani military units.

“Such a terrorist and barbaric act is a manifestation of the state level genocidal and anti-Armenian  policy in Azerbaijan, which was carried out at the instructions of the highest authorities of Azerbaijan. One of the evidences of it is the false statement spread by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, which justifies the terrorist act of the Azerbaijani military,” Artsakh’s Ministry said in a statement.

“This behavior of official Baku is a gross violation of international law, international humanitarian law, disrespect for all the agreements reached and is aimed at intimidating the people of Artsakh and forcing them to leave their homeland,” the Ministry said, adding that “such a policy is also a severe blow to Russia’s peacekeeping mission.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Artsakh strongly condemns the terrorist policy of Azerbaijan, calls on the international community to give an adequate assessment to the unbridled actions of Azerbaijan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges the people of Artsakh not to give in to provocations. The Foreign Ministry declares once again that Artsakh was, is and will remain Armenian.  Nothing can undermine our will and determination to live in our homeland.

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