Yerevan hosts public awareness event of the EU Twinning Project implemented by Greek and Italian Parliaments

“Strengthening the capacity of the National Assembly of Armenia to further support CEPA oversight and implementation” was held on 1st of December 2021 in Yerevan focusing on Economic Development and Prosperity for Armenia – The implementation of CEPA and the Role of the National Assembly.

The event marks one year of the project implementation which has been focusing on building the capacity of the National Assembly for delivery of results in line with CEPA roadmap, including CEPA-related legislation and policies and at the same time increasing awareness of the impacts and benefits of CEPA.

The event was attended by the Head of European Union Delegation to Armenia Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin, the Vice President of the RA National Assembly Mr. Ruben Rubinyan, Chair of the Standing Committee on European Integration Mr. Arman Yeghoyan, Chief of Staff-Secretary General Mr. Vahan Naribekyan, and the head of the delegation of the Hellenic Parliament Mr. Dimitrios Markopoulos, Chairman of the Greece-Armenia Friendship Group and Mr. Giulio Centemero, Head of the Italy-Armenia Friendship Group of the Italian Chamber of Deputies.

“This project constitutes an important part of the democratization process of Armenia for the benefit of its citizens and their trust in state institutions. It acknowledges the importance of further strengthening of the capacities of parliaments in a continuously more complex world and issues the unique opportunity for the National Assembly of Armenia to evolve towards being more democratic and representative through the process of implementation of the CEPA,” said EU Ambassador to Armenia, Andrea Wiktorin

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