Protesters in Berlin call for action to ensure withdrawal of Azerbaijani forces from Armenia, return of POWs

German-Armenian associations protested in Berlin on weekend, raising awareness about the situation around Armenia and Republic of Artsakh and human rights violations by Azerbaijan.

In a statement addressed to the Bundestag, the AGBU Germany, the Armenisch-Akademischer Verein-1860 e.V., the Armenische Kulturgemeinde Leipzig e.V., Hay Stab Germany and the Theophanu Club Germany, on behalf of the wider German-Armenian community called upon the German Government and Bundestag to:

  • Assume a role in peacebuilding between the two nations and demand Azerbaijani government to remove its troops from the sovereign territory of Armenia as a precondition for negotiating a lasting peace in the Southern Caucasus;
  • Urge Azerbaijan to fully and expeditiously complete the return of all Armenian POWs, detainees and the remains of any deceased Armenians during or after the war;
  • Condemn Azerbaijan for violating international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions; and
  • Assume a leadership role in defending the victims of human rights violations and implement sanctions towards Azerbaijan as a measure for violating the Geneva Conventions and refusing to immediately release all Armenian POWs.
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