Sweden to remove entry ban for vaccinated travelers from Armenia

Fully vaccinated Armenians will soon be able to travel to Sweden without being subject to the entry ban or additional travel rules such as testing requirements, the Sweden’s Ministry of Justice has announced.

“The Government today adopted amendments to the tempo­rary ban on entry into Sweden. The amend­ments primarily mean that additio­nal people who can present a vaccine certificate issued in Armenia are exempted from the entry ban and test requirement,” the statement reads.

The decision will enter into force on Monday, November 15.

The temporary entry ban came into force on 19 March and initially applied for 30 days. It has sub­sequently been extended following recommen­dations by the European Commission and the Council of the European Union.

The Govern­ment’s decision today means that people travelling to Sweden who can present a vaccina­tion certifi­cate issued in Armenia are exempt from the entry ban and test require­ment. According to a European Com­mission decision, vaccina­tion certificates issued in Armenia are equiva­lent to the EU Digital COVID certifi­cate, which means that such certifi­cates can be checked and verified in the same manner and using the same techni­cal systems as the EU certificate.

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