Defense Ministry denies reports claiming 60 Armenian servicemen had been besieged

The Armenian Ministry of Defense has denied the reports of the Azerbaijani media outlets claiming that a fight had allegedly taken place between Armenian and Azeri servicemen in the area of Lake Black in Armenia’s Syunik province and that a group of Armenian servicemen had been besieged.

Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense later added to this misinformation, announcing that 60 Armenian servicemen had been besieged and were set free only with the mediation of the Russian side.

“The statement of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry is obvious misinformation. Moreover, after the actions of the Armenian units following the provocation of the Azerbaijani side in the territory of Lake Black, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces appealed to the Russian side to resolve the situation, and it was due to the active work of the Russian side that the situation was stabilized,” the Armenian Defense Ministry stated.

It reiterated that the situation in the area of Lake Black is under the full control of the Armenian Armed Forces.

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