Armenia Alliance holds rally in Yerevan, announces launching of “nationwide resistance”

The Armenia Alliance held a rally in the Freedom Square in Yerevan on Monday. The Alliance announced the launching of “nationwide resistance” with a view to “establishing solidarity in the domestic life and uniting all Armenians.”

Addressing the participants, leader of the Alliance, Second President Robert Kocharyan accused the authorities of “failure in he negotiation process.”

“We must all unite. We must give strength to this resistance movement to the best of our ability. This will not last long, it will be a matter of weeks, months. Everything depends on you, on every citizen of Armenia standing in this square,” Kocharyan said.

Upon the conclusion of the rally, the Alliance adopted a statement, saying that their presence in the National Assembly will contribute to the strengthening of the resistance movement, but added that the struggle will be taken to the streets and squares, as well.

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