Spanish TV tracks the stories of Andalusians in Armenia

Spanish TV program ‘Andalucia in the world’ covers stories of Andalusians who live in Armenia. Canal Sur TV’s Luis Márquez travels to Armenia to talk to Andalusians living in Armenia, including EU diplomat Gonzalo Serrano, coach Joaquín Caparrós, UWC director Gabriel Abad and two UWC students.

Gonzalo Serrano, Head of Cooperation at the EU Delegation in Armenia, is a Sevillian from the Los Remedios neighborhood who arrived in Armenia three years ago after working in Vietnam, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. In particular, he coordinates that the aid from the European Union arrives and is managed properly in Armenia.

Gabriel Abad Fernández, a man from Malaga who arrived three years ago is based in a region known as ‘the Switzerland of Armenia’ for its impressive natural surroundings. He did so with the ambitious goal of directing one of the best schools in the world – the UWC Dilijan College,  the first international boarding school in Armenia.

Joaquín Caparrós , a mythical Sevillian coach from Utrera arrived in Armenia a little over 1 year ago to take charge of the country’s national football team and who with his work has returned the illusion to the local fans. In Andalusia he trained teams such as Sevilla FC and Granada CF.

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