Turkey’s Erdogan once again sets preconditions for normalization of ties with Armenia

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has once again set out conditions for normalization of ties with Armenia, AFP reports.

“If Armenia shows sincere goodwill towards Azerbaijan, then there will be no obstacles for the normalization of ties between Turkey and Armenia,” Erdogan said.

“Turkey will reciprocate to Armenia’s steps aimed at building lasting peace in the region,” he told a news conference after attending the opening of a newly-built airport in Artsakh’s Varanda (Fizuli) region captured by Azerbaijan during the six-week war last year.

Turkey and Armenia have no diplomatic relations, and the bitter relationship has deteriorated more recently over Turkey’s support for Azerbaijan, which last year unleashed large-scale aggression against Artsakh.

Armenian officials have stated on many occasions that the relations with Turkey must be normalized without preconditions.

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