Modeling makes future predictable: PM Pashinyan addressed the Armenian Summit of Minds

The modern world differs from the non-modern world in that the modern world is a world of models, where everything or almost everything is modeled and works by that logic, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at the opening of the Armenian Summit of Minds in Dilijan.

“When we model the world, we begin to know the world better, we begin to participate more in process management, we make processes more predictable for us,” he added.

“If we refer to geopolitics, we must state that geopolitics itself can be given a certain modeling, because it is very similar to tides, which occur regularly. In the non-modeled world, people did not understand why and for what reason things would happen, while in the modeled world, it is already becoming predictable.

In that sense, he said, the most urgent issue that should be discussed during the Summit of Minds is the modeling of geopolitics, how and why the processes take place.

“It is very possible that ideas are generated in this direction, questions asked and answers are given. Especially in the coming period, there are questions that are of key importance for the past, present and future of our country, the answers to which are very important from the point of view of a special future. That future will be manageable and visible to the extent that we will be able to model the geopolitics that is taking place in our region, in a narrower, broader and the global sense, in general,” PM Pashinyan stated.

“It is not accidental that draw a parallel with the tides. At a time when mankind did not know what was happening and why, it was perceived as a catastrophe. And when there is a clear modeling of what is happening and for what, these processes appear in the domain of controllability.

“I hope that this meeting, this event will become a a certain platform for modeling our economy, politics, geopolitics, so that the processes taking place around us are more understandable for us, and consequently, more manageable,” the Prime Minister stated.

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