Armenia Fund U.S. contributes $1 million to Lebanon’s Armenian community

In response to the devastating crisis unfolding in Lebanon, Armenia Fund U.S. has contributed a sum of $1 Million to address the immediate needs of the Armenian community in Lebanon.

The continuing social and economic turmoil in Lebanon and the ongoing dire humanitarian crisis have deeply troubled the Armenian communities in the US. As a pan-Armenian organization with a humanitarian mission, Armenia Fund US stands to help our communities whenever an urgent need arises due to unprecedented events.

Under the direct oversight of the Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia, the funds will be allocated equitably to the most vulnerable segments of the community, including children, the elderly, those in need of medical care, displaced families, and Armenian educational institutions in need of assistance.

The Board of Trustees of Armenia Fund U.S. and Hayastan All Armenia Fund extend their most profound appreciation to all of our donors for their continued support of our humanitarian mission.

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