Armenian government to allocate funds for creation of national carrier

The government decided today to increase the statutory capital of the Armenian National Interests Fund (ANIF) today. The money to be allocated will be used to establish a national air carrier as a result of a memorandum signed with Air Arabia on July 14.

“This decision fulfills the promise made by the RA Government some time ago to create a national air carrier. We attach importance to the fact that we made the deal as a result of calculation, professional evaluation and got the most viable model,” ANIF CEO David Papazyan said.

 “With this program, we are creating a national competitive air carrier, which has a competitive advantage from the very beginning, i.e. the positive experience of the Air Arabia model of about 20 years. I think this gives us the opportunity for the first time to have a national air carrier based on a long-term competitive strategy,” he added.

He said this his model is more viable as it brings with it a proven, successful model, professional management and experience in developing a long-term strategy.

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