Armenian Ambassador briefs Dutch politicians on situation caused by Azerbaijani-Turkish aggression against Artsakh

Armenia’s Ambassador to the Netherlands Tigran Balayan received members of the foreign affairs commission of the Dutch CDA headed by President Wim van de Camp, an ex-member of the European Parliament.

In his welcome remarks the Ambassador briefed the attendees about the centuries-old contacts  between the Armenian and the Dutch peoples, dynamics of the flourishing bilateral relations and the scheduled events for the next year in the framework of the 30th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations.

Referring to the tense atmosphere in the Caucasus region the Ambassador told the attendees about the dangerous situation caused by the repercussions of the Azerbaijani-Turkish aggression against Artsakh, refusal of Azerbaijan from implementation of its commitments, violations of the international humanitarian law and perpetrated war crimes.


The Ambassador underlined the importance of imposing EU sanction upon the political-military leadership of Azerbaijan and the judges engaged in trumped-up trials of Armenian prisoners of war as the only effective means to fostering peace and building an atmosphere of confidence and reconciliation between the peoples of the region.

To this end the ambassador emphasized the importance of more than a dozen motions adopted by the Dutch Parliament, particularly phrasing initiatives and consistent support from CDA to those motions and expressed a hope that the new Government of the Netherlands will undertake necessary measures to implement their provisions.

Participants held an active discussion on internal political developments in the Netherlands, as well as on the bilateral agenda and development of cooperation in political, trade-economic and educational fields. 

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