PM Pashinyan receives Roman Trotsenko, member of the Board of Directors of GeoProMining

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received member of the Board of Directors of GeoProMining LLC Roman Trotsenko.

The interlocutors discussed the upcoming investment programs and projects by the Zangezur Copper and Molybdenum Combine.

“I would like to welcome you and first of all thank you for donating 25% of the company’s shares to the Republic of Armenia, as a result of which the 15% of the ZCMC capital has passed to the Republic of Armenia. We hope that all the agreements will be implemented and brought to life, which is important not only for your company, but also for our economy. We believe that the implementation of the agreements will contribute to the strengthening and development of Armenia’s economy”, PM Pashinyan said.

In his turn, Roman Trotsenko said, ‘’Thank you for the constant attention towards the mining sector of Armenia, where numerous problems have accumulated during the last decades. We are happy for the cooperation with the Armenian Government, which will allow to stabilize the situation around the Combine, carry out large-scale and long-term investment programs in Armenia’s mining sector, the total volume of which will reach around 4 billion USD. This will allow to reprocess the product, build new production facilities so that Armenia will ba able to produce copper, not concentrate, as well as a new nuclear power plant. As a result of these programs new jobs and opportunities will be created which will open new development paths’’.

The Prime Minister noted that the construction of copper smelter plant will lead to new demand for electricity. ‘’The successful implementation of the programs is important for us and we hope that they will give a new impetus for the implementation of the program of constructing a new nuclear power plant in Armenia. The Republic of Armenia is interested in that program and will support for its maximally effective implementation’’, Nikol Pashinyan said.

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the donation of the 25% of the shares of the company, which is the 15% of the total capital of the ZCMC, will foster the public-private cooperation and the future effective operation of the ZCMC.

The interlocutors also highlighted the timely implementation of programs and agreed to cooperate actively in this direction.

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