Silent march in Almelo to commemorate two Armenian women killed in stabbing incident

A silent march will be held in Almelo on Tuesday evening to commemorate two women stabbed to death on M.Th. Steynstraat a week and a half ago. The two women were aunt and niece, aged 70 and 52 years, NL Times reports.

 “With this silent march, in addition to commemorating their loved ones, the relatives also want to express their powerlessness,” lawyer Sebas Diekstra said to RTV Oost on behalf of the victims’ family.

The victims were Maral Dermovsesian and Zonund Kardanakyan, both of Armenian descent and both members of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU). Dermovseisan headed the AGBU Women’s Committee. 

A 28-year-old man from Almelo, a neighbor, is suspected of killing them. He was seen waving a crossbow around and firing it from his balcony in the same building where the women were killed. After multiple attempts to approach him safely, the police eventually shot him in the chest. He was taken to hospital, and was still unconscious. The suspect was admitted to mental health institutions several times with psychological problems.

“AGBU Holland lost two of the most active women members through a heinous stabbing crime,” AGBU said. “If we want to write about the late Maral, we may need pages and not through some words. In summary, she was the flower of our community. We pray to the Lord to rest both in peace and to their family members patience and strength in this terrible moments.”

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