Masked and armed Azerbaijani servicemen stop bus with Armenian children, check the phones – Ombudsman

Masked Azerbaijani servicemen legally stopped a bus with Armenian children on Vorotan road, Armenia’s Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan reports.

The Ombudsman has shared footage showing Azerbaijani servicemen, armed and masked, checking children’s phones under the pretext of finding some videos.

The teens aged 15-16 were football players from Artsakh traveling to Armenia.

“The children’s bus was kept for 10-15 minutes. During that time, the Artsakh flag was scraped off the bus with a knife. Azerbaijani sources are proudly sharing the video. But the issue here is the behavior of the Azerbaijani armed forces aimed at intimidating the children and openly terrifying them,” Tatoyan said.

According to him, the video widely shared on Azerbaijani social networks is accompanied by brazen insults to children, calls to kill Armenians, and deep hatred.

“All this is the result of years of Azerbaijan’s state-sponsored anti-Armenian policy. We have documented the evidence,” the Human Rights Defender said.

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