Maral Najarian repatriates to Armenia

Maral Najarian, a Lebanese Armenian, who spent four months in Azerbaijani captivity, has repatriated to Armenia, the Diaspora High Commissioner’s Office reports.

Ms. Najarian had a meeting with High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs Zareh Sinanyan and the Office’s Head of Repatriation Hovhannes Aleksanyan on Wednesday.

She described her experience in an Azerbaijani prison, her release and current health condition. Reference was made to how the Office can help Maral find a job in Armenia.

“Maral’s experience and her unwavering patriotism make her an exemplary figure for the global Armenian community,” the Office said.

Najarian, along with her sister Ani, repatriated to Artsakh from Lebanon just before the start of the war on September 27. On November 9, Najarian told her sister that she was in Goris and would be heading towards Artsakh to retrieve her belongings with her friend Viken Euljekjian, a fellow Lebanese Armenian. That would be the last time the sisters would speak. Najarian and Euljekjian were kidnapped in Berdzor by Azerbaijani Armed Forces. Maral was released in March, while Euljekjian is still in captivity.

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