Diaspora professionals train teachers across Armenia

Dozens of school directors and teachers from Armenia’s different regions gathered on Monday to celebrate the completion of the yearlong “School Management” courses implemented by Diaspora professionals. During the event, 17 teachers, who were part of an academic competition, received gifts for their success in developing action plans around how to integrate Armenian identity and culture within their classrooms.

The ‘School Management’ courses were organized and taught by Diaspora professionals, Narine Sirakanyan and Onnik Bayramian, who joined Armenia’s public sector as part of the RA Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs’ iGorts program. About 250 schools and 1600 principals, vice principals and teachers from around the country received training both in-person and online on the latest pedagogical strategies and techniques. Specific training topics included the Classroom Without Borders Approach, Facilitating and Not Teaching, Integrating Armenian Identity and Culture within different subjects, among many others.

“Whether we call it training or by another name, these types of events make up an integral part of our professional life,” said RA High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, Zareh Sinanyan. “Through education, we can reach all of our goals as a nation, creating a safe, knowledgeable and progressive future.”

Educators from the capital of Yerevan, as well as the regions of Lori, Tavush, Ararat and Syunik emphasized the impact the trainings have had on their professional development and classroom culture. Narine and Onnik’s training has received such positive feedback from Armenian teachers and school authorities that they created For You Armenia NGO – outside the framework of the iGorts program – to continue their teacher trainings cost-free. In addition, For You Armenia NGO hopes to secure 5-10 STEAM education labs in Armenia, as well as train teachers to run STEAM schools. They will continue to provide resources and finances to implement their upcoming projects.

“I would like to thank all the dedicated teachers who participated in our trainings, those who are always ready to welcome change with open arms and transfer it to future generations,” said Narine Sirakanyan, former iGorts participant and Vice President of For You Armenia NGO.

“Our educators in Armenia and Artsakh are 21st-century role models who will lead coming generations in future victories and triumphs,” said Onnik Bayramian, former iGorts participant and President of For You Armenia NGO. “I was lucky to have the opportunity to witness their work, and I will continue to do my best in assisting our educators on their professional journeys.” Narine Sirakanyan from Georgia and Onnik Bayramian from UAE have been pivotal figures in advancing Armenian education over the past year as iGorts participants in the RA Education Inspectorate and the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, respectively.   

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