Glendale to host Armenian Festival 2021 in October

Glendale will host the Armenian Festival 2021 on October 9th, the Armenian Consulate General informs.

The event aims at presenting the Armenian arts and culture to the American public at large and promoting those through highlighting the creative image of the Armenian people. One of its important goals is to introduce to the American public a wide range of technology and products spanning from high-tech to traditional merchandises made in Armenia, Artsakh, and California.

In the special pavilions of the Armenian Festival 2021 , handicrafts made by disabled soldiers of the 44-day war in Artsakh and the women of Hadrut are going to be presented. The proceeds will go to charity.

During the festival, a fashion show of the Armenian national costumes of different historical periods as an integral component of the Armenian culture will be organized.

Visitors will be introduced to a large selection of wine, beer, and brandy produced by winemakers from Armenia, Artsakh, and California, with an opportunity of winetasting.

The cultural program of the Armenian Festival 2021 will present solely Armenian folk and national patriotic song and dance performances.

The successful implementation of the Festivalwill boost the economy in the Homeland benefiting people and contributing to the targeted promotion of the Armenian arts and culture in California. Other Armenian communities from the Western United States are going to participate in the festival.

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