Azerbaijani servicemen blocking roads in Armenia’s Syunik province – Ombudsman

The Azerbaijani armed forces have blocked the road leading from Goris to Vorotan in Armenia’s Syunik region, Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan informs.

The Human Rights Defender’s Office has verified the reports.

“This is an interstate road that ensures the normal movement of the civilian population of the Republic of Armenia, and is directly connected with the normal life of the people,” the Ombudsman says.

“These criminal acts of the Azerbaijani armed forces violate the right of people to free movement and completely disrupt the normal life of the people. Their very presence on these roads is a violation of the right to life and other internationally guaranteed vital rights,” Arman Tatoyan notes.

The interstate road near the village of Davit Bek in the Kapan community (Shurnukh-Karmrakar section) was closed by the Azerbaijani armed forces at around 11 pm last night, and the movement of people through this section was also hindered.

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