Baku making foreign diplomats complicit in its aggression: Artsakh’s Parliament condemns visit to Shushi

The factions represented in the National Assembly of Artsakh have adopted a statement condemning the visit of foreign diplomats accredited in Azerbaijan to the occupied territories of Artsakh. The statement reads:

After the large-scale war unleashed by Azerbaijan against the Artsakh Republic, hostile actions against Armenian historical, cultural and cultural values ​​continue in violation of international law, in particular, international humanitarian law. International organizations and separate countries not only fail to condemn it, but the opposite is happening: official Baku spares no effort to make the representatives of the same structures and countries complicit in its aggression and anti-human actions.

The organization of the visit of representatives of the foreign diplomatic missions accredited to Baku on July 10 to the occupied territories of the Artsakh Republic, including the staged filming in Shushi, should be considered in this context.

We strongly condemn such behavior. By doing so, Azerbaijan is trying to form a circle of supporters of the aggressive occupation program against the Artsakh Republic. During the 44-day war, Azerbaijan, with the support of Turkey and international terrorist groups, occupied most of the Artsakh Republic, including the city of Shushi, the cultural and religious center of the Armenian people.

The non-condemnation of the Turkish President’s visit to Shushi by the international community prompted the Azerbaijani authorities to take new provocative actions, followed by the visit of foreign diplomats accredited in Baku to Shushi. We consider such a distortion of historical realities – a distortion of the essence of the conflict by such methods – a step aimed at disrupting the peaceful settlement of the conflict, which grossly violates the basic principles of international law.

Assessing the negative attitude of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair countries towards that staging, we call to condemn such provocative actions, to take steps to de-occupy the territories of the Artsakh Republic, to enshrine the right of the people of Artsakh to live freely.

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