Dan Brown’s ‘Wild Symphony’ to be presented in Yerevan

World-famous American writer Dan Brown’s first children’s book Wild Symphony and the homonymous musical project will be presented in Armenia. Dan Brown is the author of The Da Vinci Code and the Inferno.

The project is jointly implemented by the State Symphony Orchestra of Armenia and Zangak publishing house.

Artistic director of the State Symphony Orchestra of Armenia, chief conductor Sergey Smbatyan says it is a great achievement to present a program enjoying international recognition in Armenia. “Wild Symphony” is a unique opportunity for children and teenagers to get acquainted with the orchestra, symphonic music, musical instruments, he said at a event at Yerevan Zoo today.

The conductor noted that the fairy-tale concert will take place on July 24 at 5:00 p.m. at Demirchyan Sports and Concert Complex. The performance of the orchestra will be accompanied by animated episodes projected on the screen, the book will also be read out during the concert. The author’s video message will be played. The concert will be preceded by the presentation of the book.

Emin Mkrtchyan, the executive director of Zangak publishing house, noted that Dan Brown used many elements in the book to please the little readers. The book presents the behavior of animals through poetic works. And since children like to imitate the behavior of animals, the author tries to convey different tips, knowledge, wisdom to the reader through Maestro Mouse.

The book was first published in English about a year ago, after which it was translated into different languages ​​and published in different countries, enjoying great popularity all over the world. Mr. Mkrtchyan informed that while reading the book, it is possible to listen to the musical performances through the mobile application. The book was translated into Armenian by Sergey Sargsyan.

Dan Brown’s “Wild Symphony” has been performed in 37 countries. In this work, the author combines the three most important branches of art: literature, music and painting.

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